Men’s Nutrition

There are a number of health issues that affect men at different stages of their lives and contrary to belief it’s never too late to help yourself. From boys in their teens having acne, to older men eating the wrong foods thus increasing the risks of obesity, inflammation, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Stress is also a big factor which can cause a number of health concerns if prolonged.  As men get older signs can start to show if they haven’t been taking care of themselves. Maybe now they aren’t playing sports as they used to. Men need the correct nutrients that can help them maintain immune function, bone density, prevent muscle loss, and oxidative damage from the environment. We have to look at providing an overall healthy lifestyle including getting regular physical activity. The body needs a regular consumption of a good healthy diet, rich in a variety of essential nutrients.

Four out of five Irish over 50s are either overweight or obese, a new study has found. A massive 66% of Irish men over 20 are also considered overweight or obese. These are the headlines we are now looking at, a new Ireland has emerged. Being overweight/obese increases the risk of cardiovasculor disease, stroke, Type 2 Diabetes and some cancers.

Here at Nutrition4Living we want you to have an appreciation of what it is to have a healthy body and mind.

Adequate down time also needs to be factored in in order to reduce stress in our lives i.e. getting enough sleep, rest, play and mindfulness meditation.

Do you want to:

  • Improve your mental clarity,
  • Improve mood and concentration,
  • Improve your quality of sleep,
  • Protect yourself from disease,
  • Improve your resistance to infections,
  • Increase your physical performance or endurance.

For men who work out and want improved athletics performance the correct nutrition is essential to aid in the recovery and avoidance of injury. See Sports Nutrition.

Start to take control of your health and become an active participant, call us today and make an appointment.

We will help you:

  • Assess your nutritional needs,
  • Choose a healthy eating nutritional plan,
  • Look at lifestyle requirements,
  • Achieve better Sporting Performance.

Let’s create an optimum healthy eating plan for you which will allow your body to be as healthy as you can possible be.

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