Sports Nutrition

Being successful at sport depends on a number of different factors. The food we eat can directly affect our performance. Exercise is great and in general can improve bone density, sleep, depression and decreases body fat. Many of the principles of a good healthy eating plan can be applied to sports nutrition. The key additional element is adjusting these to achieve maximum performance. The requirements will vary from person to person depending on the type, intensity and frequency of sport or exercise you do.

Not having the correct quantity and quality of food can lead to health issues which have a negative impact on training and performance. Not eating enough food and the right foods is common in athletes and this makes it difficult to meet energy requirements. This can lead to injuries and poor recovery. Poor nutrition in athletes can cause fatigue, joint and muscle pain, impaired gut function and insomnia. Blood sugar imbalances are also common and lead to poor concentration, memory, mood and a craving for carbohydrates.

Nutrient timing is important and knowing when to eat and what to eat before, during and after exercise will help athletes and exercise enthusiasts to achieve high performance and recovery.

Aswell as eating pre- exercise, eating post exercise is also important to help optimise recovery. Opting for nutrient dense whole foods including carbohydrates and protein post workout will improve your recovery time, replenishing your glycogen stores and aid in tissue repair, and promote muscle growth.

Here at Nutrition4Living we will taylor your nutritional needs to the needs of your training programme.

  • How to fuel your body to help improve performance
  • Importance of nutrient timing
  • Correct macro and micro nutrients to prevent injuries

Jen is the only nutritional therapist inĀ  cork that is using this technology with her clients and is getting fantastic results using the most up todate lifestyle analysis to help improve your performance

We can also accommodate for groups and clubs.

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